NET10 Wireless provides exceptional wireless service by doing things differently than everyone else. Unlike the major carriers, everything about the way Net10 operates is designed to save you money. So what does that look like?

  • Net10 has no cell towers of our own. They’re expensive to build and maintain. That’s a cost typically passed on to you. But by using everyone else’s towers, Net10 can give you the exact same coverage for half the cost.
  • Net10 has no stores of their own, stores are expensive, too. Employees, uniforms, electric bills, all that stuff adds up. Net10 just sell our phones and plans in the places people already go to buy them, such as at PCPREPAIRS.
  • Net10 has no paper bills. The typical cell phone bill has 14 pages. Multiply that by 200 million customers. That’s a lot of paper and extra cost you shouldn’t have to cover. With NET10 Wireless, you don’t!
  • Net10 offers the best deal not found anywhere else. Net10 buys its minutes and data from the big cell phone companies just like you do. But it has an advantage of buying “in bulk” to get you the best deal. Nobody works harder than NET10 Wireless to keep your costs down. Nobody.